Hero Of The Heart

Leading the fight against heart disease

The Hero Of The Heart is a marketing program for The Heart Research Institute(HRI) aimed at raising funds for research and to create awareness of The Heart Research Institutes's mission and goals.

The Heart Research Institute Ltd (HRI) was established in 1989, as an independent world-class research institute, it is a centre for scientific excellence with a focus on researching and understanding the origins and mechanisms of atherosclerosis. As a blood vessel disease, atherosclerosis is characterised by thickened vessel walls filled with fatty material.

Area of Research Interest

With atherosclerosis as a main trigger of heart attack and stroke, The Heart Research Institute is committed to understanding the biological processes that cause this damage and applying this knowledge to prevent death and suffering from heart disease worldwide.

Atherosclerosis is the cause of heart attack, angina, stroke and other diseases that contribute to almost half of the death rate in Australia. The lack of symptoms allows the disease to develop silently for years until a serious event occurs such as a blood clot in a vessel already partially blocked by atherosclerosis. As one of the most persistent medical problems in Australia, understanding atherosclerosis is essential for overcoming heart disease.

The Heart Research Institute has received many awards for its achievements in the fight against heart disease both in Australia and overseas.

Research Goals

The Heart Research Institute conducts research into many aspects of atheroscleros is the ultimate goals of this research are:

  • To devise novel ways of detecting atherosclerosis at an early stage before it leads to clinical problems
  • To develop new treatments that will reverse existing atherosclerosis
  • To devise new ways of preventing people getting atherosclerosis in the first place.


Over the past five years our researchers have published 240 papers in highly-prestigious, peer-reviewed international journals of high standing.

Invitations to Present at Medical and Scientific Meetings

One indication of how our research is regarded by others is the fact that our researchers have been invited over the past 5 years to present lectures on their work at more that 50 medical and scientific meetings in Australia and at more than 70 major meetings held internationally.

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